Attention Elite CSDP Society members!
There will be a meeting tomorrow, 08/09/2011, at 11:30am for the election of officers for ECPROG (programmers) and GRAPHIX (graphics designers) groups, those who are under Ms. Babes. There will also be a separate meeting for WEBWIZ (web designers) and EXAG (animators) groups, those who are under Sir JM, tentatively on Wednesday, 08/10/2011. Please wait for the update to be posted by tomorrow. Thank You.
Hello Everyone! Good news to all members! Tutorials will be made available online to provide us additional reference about each topic we are interested to know and practice. I encourage everyone to share with us your ideas, especially those who are experts on programming and web designing. Tips and Tricks will also be included to share us some of the advance techniques.

"Experience is the best teacher..."
Here are some of the topics that we may discuss for the upcoming seminars and trainings:
I hope everybody's excited about this! We will post soon on when we will start our seminars.
Please watch out for new updates.
     Everyone was excited to be part of this great club; to learn more and to develop more skills when it comes to Computer System Design and Programming, gain new friends and also to be part of the upcoming inter-campus competition. All of the CSDP students were required to join the club. The registration of new members was successful and each members were given an option to choose their respective groups.